Friday, March 13, 2015

Inspiration behind the Spring Collection - Lambs at Play

As a child I spent every Easter holiday at my Granny's home in the English countryside.   Just along the country lane was a Sheep Farm and I helped with the lambing season.  I would help to herd the Ewes across the fields with a sheep dog called Queenie that had a mind of her own!  Which meant we had to do a lot of running to get the sheep where we wanted them to go!  I helped to deliver the spring lambs, which funnily enough for someone that is squeamish of blood, I did not mind at all. Bringing a new life into the world really was amazing.  Any orphan lambs were my responsibility, I hand raised them with milk bottles. I gave each one a name and I must say I was really in my element!

Then when the lambs were old enough they went out to the fields that wrapped around Granny's garden. We would sit together in the living room window seat and watch them hopping and skipping around in the early evening light.  Precious moments that stay with me to this day and now I have these funny sheep in the field behind my little garden and soon there will be lambs, I'll keep you posted!  They love to watch me washing up at the kitchen sink!

So now you can imagine the inspiration behind my new Spring Collection, Lambs at Play!  Hand painted with inks and watercolor complete with cheerful Buttercups.

I merged all the elements together into a nostalgic, delicate pattern that has leapt into a whole Collection that I must say has rather stolen my heart, I hope it will all bring you as much joy.

Bumpkin Hill - Art Print - Lambs at Play Collection - printed with Archival inks on beautiful lightly textured supreme quality Acid free Paper from a British Paper Mill and guaranteed to last 100+ years!  Giving it the feel of an original Watercolor, to be cherished by your family for a lifetime.

Bumpkin Hill Notecards - Lambs at Play Collection to brighten a friend's day.  I really do believe that handwritten notes are precious and a tradition that spreads smiles.

Bumpkin Hill Stickers - Lambs at Play Collection to add to your envelopes and Scrapbooking pages.

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I am also busily creating a Baby Shower & Party Collection with these Lambs.

Happy Spring from my Garden!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this new line of lambs at play!!! I love reading about your lambing experiences when you were younger and how helped deliver the babies. My mother raised a few sheep too and I remember her bringing in the little orphans to feed. I have loved sheep ever since, and you have brought me back so many wonderful memories from my own childhood today.
    Your artwork is as always, just so delightful to look at! What a talented and lovely person you are dear Catherine!
    sending hugs...

  2. Wow! Gorgeous lambs and buttercups, Catherine! I love the story of your experience with the lambs, too. Thank you for sharing with us.