Thursday, November 13, 2014

Making Christmas Memories

Growing up my Mum and I bought a new Christmas Tree ornament each year.  It was a really happy  tradition, each little decoration held a memory within it, making decorating the tree each year extra special.  Over the years I have been touched to hear other families keeping the same tradition alive, either through making Ornaments from my Patterns or with my hand painted Decorations.

If you love to make your tree decorations or even give them as handmade gifts I have now grouped my Ornament Patterns into one collection here (4 Patterns for less than the price of 3).

In between projects I love to paint a small selection of Wooden Heart Ornaments.  This morning I finished these two friends for you.  If you would love to bring Owl or Robin into your Christmas memories then you can purchase them directly from me.  There is only one of each.  Simply email me at  Owl is 25 euros (4" across) and Robin is 15 euros (2.5" across) plus 1.50 euros postage.  Payment through Paypal.

My paintbrush and I thank you for visiting!
I wonder what your favourite Christmas traditions are?

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