Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finding Inspiration in Nature

We have had a wonderful Indian Summer in September, warm days with misty mornings and golden light. I do love the warmth of the light at this time of year don't you? I treated myself to these precious pansies, they look like they have been painted. In fact I will be painting them, so inspiring!

With the arrival of October my thoughts have turned to Pumpkins! If you are planning a Halloween party here is a Party Set of Personalised Invites and decorative Tags (spooktacular as Gift Tags, Stickers and Cupcake Toppers).  They are now also available as a Printable set, so no waiting for the post, just print and have fun.

Click here to find them:

I love the richness of the Berries & Rose Hips I am discovering on my walks. I made this mini pottery dish when I was about 10.  I have always been happiest when I am either outdoors or creating!

Thanks for visiting, I'm working on lots of paintings and ideas for the coming seasons.  If you fancy following along with me I have now joined Instagram - 



  1. Hello dear Catherine! The little piece of pottery you made when so young shows the budding artist inside ready to bless the world with her art! I really love pansies too and hope to see any painting you do of them. I really loved seeing you sitting on the dock in your last post. It so lovely of you!!!
    I really love the slant of light this time of year too, it gives everything a whole new look.
    Thank you so much for the sweet words you left for me on my last post.
    sending hugs...

  2. Love pansies and you captured them in the light so beautifully! Halloween party set is aforable!! Love Fall/Autumn colors...just wish I lived where I could see and feel more of it. Just have to make a point of visiting somewhere North each Fall! Thank you for sharing those colors with this Florida girl!! So precious that you still have the pottery dish you made as a child and still so useful....; 0) Wish we had rosehips!!