Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The day I saw Bears...

Back from my trip to the States and I have so much to share I am not sure where to start!  But I am guessing, like me, you would be very excited about seeing wild Bears so I will start at the end of my trip.. in Yellowstone National Park.

We were so lucky to spot all these Bears all in one day, both Grizzlies and Black Bears!  My heart was pounding with excitement at seeing such gorgeous, amazing animals free and relaxed in the wild.  Thank goodness for zoom lenses!

 This wee Cub was sooo tiny, staying close by to his Mum!

Moments I will never forget and my pencil and I have been inspired....OH the adventures they will have!  

Brodie, my latest one of a kind Bear, is even dreaming of meeting his cousins one day!
He is available for adoption from my Bear Shop.

Bye for now, lots more wildlife to follow!


  1. Haven't visited for a while... just changed your link on my blogroll :) Wonderful pics of the bears! Also, a new cottage in the countryside? Will have to click around and see! How exciting!

  2. How absolutely amazing that you got such a good view of them, Catherine! Wonderful photos and can't wait for the rest. We're having lovely weather here still but have heard you're not so much in Belgium? Hope it's sunny soon. x

  3. Oh wow! Beautiful! How exciting xxx

  4. Wow...did you make this bear!?! Oh my goodness! So adorable! ! I have lived in the US all my life and never been to Yellowstone Park...hope to get there one day!! Thank you for sharing!! You captured them so well and so close with that telephoto lens. Thank you!!