Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome to our new Home in The Country - Bumpkin Hill

I'm so excited and relieved this day has finally arrived.  For a long time I have been working on a website design for a re-brand of my business.  When I first started out I purely created my Mohair Collectors Bears so Bumpkin Bears fitted perfectly as a name.  Gradually with demand my Illustration work has joined forces with the Bears and I now draw, paint and embroider all sorts of animals and floral creations!  So I wanted to create a new world where they and you will all feel at home so let's visit Bumpkin Hill!

A few glimpses of the new site:

Bumpkin Hill is a creation very close to my heart.  My Granny called me a Country Bumpkin as I so loved being outdoors.  Just opposite her white house, nestled amongst the rolling fields was a Hill.  There was an old Oak Tree where the farmer's Sheep slept under on warm Summer days and an Owl nested there would "Twit Twooo" me to sleep at night!  I gain much of my inspiration from the countryside and so much of what I love in life was nurtured there so ... welcome to Bumpkin Hill.

If you too delight in simple pleasures then I welcome you open armed right onto the top of the Hill and we can sit and daydream together under the shade of the Old Oak Tree.

My little Bird Logo was inspired by all the beautiful Birds in my Garden.  These little Blue Tits make a nest here every year.  Come back soon to see some Baby Birds!

Inspiration comes from my love of the simple things in life.  Here is a brand new Embroidery Pattern created from my Teddy Bear Picnic Party range, inspired by my Woodland walks. With a small selection of straight forward stitches this would be a fun pattern for anyone starting out with embroidery.

Teddy Bear Picnic Pattern

Just this weekend I saw some wild Bunnies and a beautiful flower Meadow.  It seems that my Paintings are appearing in my life and not only in my dreams!  Here is a very restful Bunny available as a beautiful Art Print "She sleeps in the Meadow".   I love the sense of peace and contentment I feel looking at this.  

"She Sleeps in The Meadows"

To celebrate the launch of Bumpkin Hill all orders placed in my Etsy Shop from now until Sunday 25th May will receive this sweet PDF Mini Bunting delivered straight into their email box as a free gift.  Beautiful above a Cake to celebrate with me or hanging in your home over frames and along shelves.  


  1. Oh dearest Catherine! This is absolutely stunning! I love each and every part of it, and can't wait to see what it will open up :)
    The website, logo, colors, pictures, text- all speak of you in quite a beautiful way.
    On a side note, I have launched my new website today as well, please do pop by for a visit! I'd love to hear your opinion. What a cute thing that we started anew on the same day!
    Monica xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Monica, after all my work designing and making it it means a lot that you like it. How funny we launched sites on the same day, will take a peek today and will be writing properly back to you :) catherine x

  2. Catherine, your new watercolor is possibly my favorite of all your wonderful creations! And a lovely addition to your work to celebrate the launch of your new site. Such a lovely, memorable day yesterday - thank you again so much!!

  3. ... You two!! ♡♡... Please do share!!!!! :)))

  4. Oh my! I think my comment was devoured when I clicked post and it sent me to sign in at Google. Argh. It was quite long too. To summarize: Congratulations on your website! I remember that first bear painting/drawing you posted with my encouragement, and I long to follow in your footsteps. You are incredibly talented and have what it takes to be successful! I hope to find that I have what it takes too. I have a job interview this Friday for a full time teaching position, which would go a long ways in making me financially secure enough to be able to spend my down time drawing and pursuing my dream. Please have your little animal friends wish me luck this Friday, July 11th. It would mean the world to me. xoxoxoxoxo Sooooooo very happy for you!!!!!!!!
    And you signed on with a book company as well!!!!! I could burst I am so happy!!!!!! Thank you for living your life in a way that inspires me to live my dream too. You are amazing Catherine.

    1. Hi Wendy, what a treat to have you visit me here. It's lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for your very sweet words, they mean a lot. I will always remember your encouragement in my early days, words like yours keep me going and working hard :) I will be thinking of you with your job interview. Stay in touch, hugs, Catherine xx

  5. Oh Catherine....I do believe this is my favorite watercolor of yours! The pastel pinks are so pretty! I will be buying this one int he near sweet and you are so talented!! Cannot wait to get my hands on one of your upcoming picture books for my granddaughter!!