Friday, May 30, 2014

Birds and Bears...

There is the sweetest chatter going on in my Garden lately.  This Chaffinch family spend their days by my seed holders. They are so funny balancing on the branches!

The days have been rather rainy which has made perfect Bear sewing weather and today this new friend had his very first Photo Shoot!  Please meet Brodie a sweet 16.5" One of a Kind Bear.  He loves nothing better (except Hugs) than sitting amongst the Wild Flowers listening to the Birds singing.

You can find all his Adoption details and photos in the Bears Shop on my new website

From June 6th-21st I will be away on an adventure where I may even see wild Bears! I'll be taking heaps of photos to share with you all.  My Etsy Shop will remain open, all Embroidery Patterns will be there as instant downloads and any paper goods will be lovingly sent the moment I return. 
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  1. Yay! Have fun!! Sooo (positively) envious!!! I was about to drop you a line about that :))
    Brodie is soo sweet!
    Better that you don't meet up with wild bears, though!
    Monica xoxo

  2. Bodie is precious!! So lifelike! Love the birds!! I have never seen that type bird. I have a couple of feeders at my house! This year was the first time I had some baby robins. Just wish I had a good camera such as yours....sweet pictures you took! Thanks for sharing!!