Friday, May 30, 2014

Birds and Bears...

There is the sweetest chatter going on in my Garden lately.  This Chaffinch family spend their days by my seed holders. They are so funny balancing on the branches!

The days have been rather rainy which has made perfect Bear sewing weather and today this new friend had his very first Photo Shoot!  Please meet Brodie a sweet 16.5" One of a Kind Bear.  He loves nothing better (except Hugs) than sitting amongst the Wild Flowers listening to the Birds singing.

You can find all his Adoption details and photos in the Bears Shop on my new website

From June 6th-21st I will be away on an adventure where I may even see wild Bears! I'll be taking heaps of photos to share with you all.  My Etsy Shop will remain open, all Embroidery Patterns will be there as instant downloads and any paper goods will be lovingly sent the moment I return. 
Thanks for visiting,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome to our new Home in The Country - Bumpkin Hill

I'm so excited and relieved this day has finally arrived.  For a long time I have been working on a website design for a re-brand of my business.  When I first started out I purely created my Mohair Collectors Bears so Bumpkin Bears fitted perfectly as a name.  Gradually with demand my Illustration work has joined forces with the Bears and I now draw, paint and embroider all sorts of animals and floral creations!  So I wanted to create a new world where they and you will all feel at home so let's visit Bumpkin Hill!

A few glimpses of the new site:

Bumpkin Hill is a creation very close to my heart.  My Granny called me a Country Bumpkin as I so loved being outdoors.  Just opposite her white house, nestled amongst the rolling fields was a Hill.  There was an old Oak Tree where the farmer's Sheep slept under on warm Summer days and an Owl nested there would "Twit Twooo" me to sleep at night!  I gain much of my inspiration from the countryside and so much of what I love in life was nurtured there so ... welcome to Bumpkin Hill.

If you too delight in simple pleasures then I welcome you open armed right onto the top of the Hill and we can sit and daydream together under the shade of the Old Oak Tree.

My little Bird Logo was inspired by all the beautiful Birds in my Garden.  These little Blue Tits make a nest here every year.  Come back soon to see some Baby Birds!

Inspiration comes from my love of the simple things in life.  Here is a brand new Embroidery Pattern created from my Teddy Bear Picnic Party range, inspired by my Woodland walks. With a small selection of straight forward stitches this would be a fun pattern for anyone starting out with embroidery.

Teddy Bear Picnic Pattern

Just this weekend I saw some wild Bunnies and a beautiful flower Meadow.  It seems that my Paintings are appearing in my life and not only in my dreams!  Here is a very restful Bunny available as a beautiful Art Print "She sleeps in the Meadow".   I love the sense of peace and contentment I feel looking at this.  

"She Sleeps in The Meadows"

To celebrate the launch of Bumpkin Hill all orders placed in my Etsy Shop from now until Sunday 25th May will receive this sweet PDF Mini Bunting delivered straight into their email box as a free gift.  Beautiful above a Cake to celebrate with me or hanging in your home over frames and along shelves.