Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bringing Spring indoors

This morning I woke up to a white world... again! I've lost count of how many times it has snowed, my daffodils are putting on brave faces and doing their best to stand up against Jack Frost!  I'm keeping my feathered friends stocked up on food, I've got Great Tits nesting in a bird house, Black Birds in a cosy shrub, little adorable Blue Tits building a home somewhere nearby I'm sure... so I'm doing my best to look after them, after all they give me so much pleasure it's the least I can do.

I feel like bringing Spring into my life at least indoors!  I've been rescuing Daffodils and mini blue Scillas to enjoy in my studio.

Then designed this new Illustration, inspiration hit rather close to Easter but who am I to refuse these friends so had to bring them to life!  So you can all enjoy them as well they are available as Printables, sent direct to your email as pdf files to have fun printing and creating.  There is a whole range or you can find the Happy Easter Banner, Easter Bunny Personalised Sign, Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers available individually with very special prices for you all from

Busy with lots of other illustration projects I hope to be able to share with you soon.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Still here!

Hi, how are you today? Remember me!  February was quite a month, very tough. My darling Cat, Phoebe got more and more poorly and sadly I had to say good night to her last week, just 2 days before my Birthday.  Sweet dreams my little girl.

Having lost my other cat Ollie, last year, it is now very quiet in the house.  

Thank goodness for some Spring sunshine and bird song lifting my spirits.

 It was a Pollen frenzy for the Bees in my garden the other day, just look at the pollen on the legs!

Only about once a year do these adorable Long Tailed Tits visit my garden, so I always feel very lucky to spot them peeking through the twigs!

I have been throwing myself into creating, with lots of orders being made and exciting illustration projects behind the scenes.  I have also finished a brand new Embroidery Pattern that has been on my mind since last Spring!  When I get some time I will make it into a cushion which I think would be really cute, with this little vintagey floral fabric.  For quilters amongst you this would be super cute I bet!  These running bunnies are sweet stitched on their own too, just imagine along the base of an Easter dress!  This may look complicated but really it was a delight to stitch, using common stitches those of you that love embroidery will be familiar with, back stitch, lazy daisy, french knot..

I have so much I am planning, a new Website & Blog design but for now I'm trying to keep on top of orders for Easter. Don't forget with Easter landing on March 31st this year that if you would like to choose any Cards, Party items, Decor items from my Etsy Shop for Easter, allow 2 weeks to arrive outside Europe, so don't be "late, late for a very important date"!

Cute for Decor but so many other ideas, even fun as a Puppet show for children from behind the sofa!
I remember doing that as a child, do you?

Thanks for visiting, your comments and friendship really make my day, see you all back here again soon, Catherine x