Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pattern Time

We've been having almost wintery weather again here with lots of rather gloomy rainy days.  But these kind of days are great to sit quietly stitching a new Embroidery design.  I don't know why but I always feel more like stitching and knitting when it's wet and cold outside!

Anyway, forget the rain, let's dream of Summer days with the flower beds full of the most beautiful cottage garden flowers and a welcome visitor complete with her own basket!  This Pattern, as they all are, is created from my Illustration and was chosen as the favourite for a Pattern on my Facebook page.

The 5 page Pattern comes complete with all you need to know including how to easily transfer, clear stitch and thread guide and of course the outline drawing.  She is created with straight forward stitches including a lot of back stitch which I always find relaxing to do.

Over the Garden Gate Art Print & Stationery including Gift Tags, Invitations, 
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Foxgloves, Bluebells, Poppies.. oh my!

This Pattern is available in the embroidery section of my Etsy Shop.  Etsy has done a wonderful improvement so that now you don't even need to wait for me to send your Pattern via email.  You can instantly download it from Etsy after purchase!

This week has been all about Patterns.  I  have been taking the first steps into Pattern layouts on my Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design Course.  This may even have the making of a fabric design one day!  I certainly would love to create fabric.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Petal is looking for a home

There is a new friend that would love to meet you, her name is Petal, inspired by all the beautiful delicate blossom in the woods around here.

She is brought to life with the sweetest pale pink Schulte Mohair, the finest Mohair a Bear could ask for.  With adorable hand sculpted toes on her baby soft faux Cashmere feet she just asks to be hugged.  A little shy at first once she has become your friend she can be quite mischievous, look at that cheeky little smile.  Her warmth and gentleness will melt your heart and bring comfort and smiles to even the hardest of days.  A true friend for life, Petal, would love to be adopted into your family. 

**UPDATE May 18th - Petal has been adopted to a loving home in Australia**  If you would like to adopt her she is available for 175 euros plus travel (Registered Postage: Europe & USA 20 euros, Australia/Canada 27 euros).  Payment via Paypal.  Paypal will convert to your currency but to give you an idea you can use this site.  

* Email me directly at if you would like to welcome Petal into your home. x

Extra details for Petal:
One of a Kind Bumpkin Bear
15" tall when standing holding your hand
Pastel Pink Schulte Mohair
5 way cotter pin jointed
Hand embroidered nose and smile
Smokey topaz eyes with cute white accents and hand shading
Sculpted toes on her feet and hand shading on all cashmere paws
Lovingly filled with quality polyfill and plastic pellets in her tummy for a nice "hug me" weight.
Bumpkin Bears label proudly sewn in her lower back
A lifetime of friendship x

Lots of Love & Hugs from Petal, she can't wait to meet her new family.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

See you in the garden

Everyday I've been picking little bunches of the Scillas from my garden and they sit on my desk keeping me company as I paint.  They are nearly finished in the garden but now the Lilly of the Valley & Bluebells are stepping into the spotlight!  I have been gazing at flowers and nature around me even more than normal, opening my eyes to their inspiration for the E-Course I am following - The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design , I'll share some of the designs I'm creating soon, I'm excited how this will influence my illustrations.

 Here are some new Watercolor Art Prints available right HERE in my Etsy Shop.  


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Inspiration round every corner

This week I started the online course Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design!  Who knows where it will lead and be integrated into my designs, the fun is in the creative journey.  It's been really inspiring so far, I've been out on treasure hunts looking for patterns.  It really makes you open your eyes and see everything around you in a different light.

Smiles can be found everywhere if you look hard enough!

Who would have thought that concrete posts could be beautiful until I looked closely and found the most amazing yellow lichen growing!  Here is a small collection of my photos over the last 2 days.

Oh and look at this beautiful new friend that visited my garden this morning! Any idea on the breed?

Busy sewing a new Mohair Bear and working on lots of orders for Party Stationery alongside this course, so quite the whirlwind of creativity here!  I hope you're well, thanks for visiting,