Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sing me a song sweet fellow

A bonus of the colder weather setting in is the return to my garden of my friendly Robin.  He is always there to keep me company and entertain with a little song.  He has been inspiring a lot of my work lately, one secret project and a brand new range of Prints & Stationery.

Many that know my work will not be surprised that I love Teacups!  As a child I loved Tea Time at my Granny's home, nestled amongst the fields in Dorset, I would have cold milk in my cup always with a slice of home made cake!  Nowadays I've moved onto Tea and using my Granny's china cups always brings back these happy memories.

She had a particular blue and white mug that would hold her morning cuppa and this was the start of my inspiration one day.  I was sat out in the garden drinking from this cup and watching the Robin searching for worms amongst my flower beds!  Pencil and paper never far away I sketched this little friend balancing on the cup. With touches of fun polka dot and subtle snow flake fabric designs his character started to take shape.  I love that moment when a new idea that you have imagined in your mind starts to appear in front of you!

You can collect all four colour ways of this little fellow, as Art Prints (5x7"), Notecards, Gift Tags & Christmas Cards (complete with a little song from our new friend!).

I love felt pin cushions for Tea Cups 

Have a cup of Tea and join us for a Sing A Long as you visit my Etsy Shop to see the entire range. I hope they will bring as much delight to you as they have to me.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Watching over... in Paris

Whilst I am busily working on new illustrations and creating press releases I thought you would enjoy the next in my series of Paris photos. Everywhere you look there were sculptures and ornate details looking down on you, you can really feel quite small in this city!

Smiling faces welcomed visitors above doorways

Sculpted figures on the front of Notre Dame

Notre Dame gargoyles, I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie!

My eye is drawn to pattern wherever I go and Paris
did not disappoint, these were the windows of Notre Dame.

The inside of a little church we stumbled upon near the Pantheon

Cherubs and Lions were the greatest of companions 
around the city.

 The ceilings of Petit Paleis.

Very touching memorial for Diana just in front of the tunnel.
Looking across the water you can glimpse the Eiffel Tower,
to think this was the last sight she would have seen.  

Felt like jumping in here with temperatures of around 40c!

Loved the sculpted rosettes in the ceiling of the Arc de Triomphe
(I spot flowers everywhere, can't take the Country Bumpkin out of me!)

How my feet felt after a day of city walking!

Fancy seeing more?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sweet Paris

Paris was vast, hot, awe inspiring, detailed, foot aching and enchanting all rolled into one!  With every blink of the eye there was something else to see, there were many moments I just did not know where to look first!  After a while I got a sore neck from looking up at the most enormous, ornately carved buildings & sculptures with gold glinting in the sun (we had a heat wave reaching 40c!)!  

Beyond the vastness of the main sites to be seen it was the details that I was really captivated by.  The flowing art nouveau designs on the lamp posts that most just walked by, the carved faces & cherubs above huge door ways that would be perfect for a giant, the wrought iron balconies dressing the fronts of grand apartments.... For those that know me will not be surprised I took rather a lot of photographs!  Do not fear I will not share them alllll with you and instead thought it would be fun to make a selection, today "Sweet Paris" ... coming up "Watching over" "Who lives behind a door like this", "Grandeur", "Jardin in the city" "Magic of the Night".   Does that sound like fun?

Behind the scenes I am busily working on some delightful Christmas designs and lots of PR to magazines and blogs to help spread the word about my Bumpkin world.  If you know of any magazines or blogs that you feel my designs would nestle nicely into do let me know in the comments section.  Thanks for visiting as always, your comments really mean a lot and brighten my days, it is nice to know who is reading my posts.
Hugs, Catherine


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Off we go... to Paris!

We are heading off for an adventure to Paris for a long weekend!  So any orders placed in my Etsy Shop from Friday 7th-Tuesday 12th will be posted Wednesday 13th Sept.  See you back soon with lots of photos!