Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bluebell Picnics..

As a child I loved to escape into the magical world of Bluebell woods, enjoying picnics on fallen logs surrounded by a sea of blue & heavenly scent.  A little while back I visited these woods here in Belgium and it took me right back.  Inspired by these memories I have created a new illustration titled "Friendship is sharing cake!"  

You couldn't ask for a nicer spot for a Tea Party than nestled in amongst the Bluebells, Bear is trying hard to listen to Rabbit saying how beautiful the flowers are, but his attention is leaning towards the last piece of Cake! As much as he loves Cake, he knows Friendship Is Sharing Cake

Available as an Archival Print & Set of Postcards 

Back soon with more promised photos from the Garden Fair. 
 Hugs, Catherine

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dream Studio

Recently we went to a wonderful Garden Fair held in this place. I took lots of photos which I'll share with you over the coming week, firstly I thought I'd start with some wonderfully cosy places I could imagine becoming my dream studio, nestled in amongst a cottage garden! One can always dream! How about you, would you like to create your own little world to escape to in these?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Catherine x

Monday, May 16, 2011

A little Romance!

It was a rainy weekend over here so I hibernated and finished my latest Bumpkin Bear. Romeo is a Hopeless Romantic, happy to sit all day snuggled under a blanket reading Poetry with you! He especially loves Shakespeare's Sonnets so I made him his rather smart Shakespearian collar from vintage ivory coloured lace (removeable with a little clasp). He has a special tenderness about him and you can see how much love he has to give in his kind eyes. His fur is gorgeously cosy and soft, top of the line Schulte Alpaca in a special chocolate shade. You can see more photos of Romeo & all his adoption info on my website.

Bear Hugs

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet Stories

There seems to have been a few problems with Blogger & leaving comments over the last few days, hopefully it seems fine now. I'm excited to share a new Embroidery Pattern to go as a nice pair with my Sweet Dreams Pattern. Bumpkin Mouse found her perfect spot to read Sweet Stories to all her woodland friends! Sweet Stories is another adorable Bumpkin Hand Embroidery Pattern, adapted from my illustrations, with options for applique. You can choose to either embroider the Toadstool tops or simply add a fun fabric top. You will receive full instructions for both options ♥  All patterns available in my Etsy Shop 

I've got lots of photos from a Garden Fair & new friends to share very soon(just finished a new Bear today!). 
Hugs, Catherine 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Very British Bunnies have arrived!

The style of the 1930's & 1940's inspired my new range, Very British Bunnies which I'm delighted to finally be able to share with you all.  Do many of you enjoy watching the BBC show, The Land Girls?  These Bunnies made their own Land Girls inspired outfits - Make Do & Mend!  This range is available as a whimsical Archival Print or sets of Art Postcards, perfect for sending a little note to a special friend in the post, all available from my Etsy Shop.

I do hope these Bunnies will bring a smile or three to your day :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh Hello!

Isn't it always such a treat nowadays to receive cards in the post?  I know how much it makes my day knowing that someone has taken the time to think of me in this way.  With this in mind I created this adorable new range of Postcards called Oh Hello!  The really fun part is that in the set of 6 Postcards you can choose the colours of Bunnies Bow Tie and the sentiments you want.  They are now available in my Etsy shop.

I'm working on some new Embroidery Patterns so watch this space! At the weekend I am going to a Garden Fair so will be sure to take lots of photos to share. Catherine x

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bunnies Love Embroidery too!

I have had this Bunny in my mind for a while so I'm happy to finally share her with you all. She wanted to tell everyone that Bunnies love embroidery too as she has stitched this lovely Home Sweet Home sign! It is available as an Archival Print or set of 3 Art Postcards in my Etsy shop.

I am also having a good look at my shop and working on some new creations. As always I want to create just what you all want so I would love your help with these questions -

1. Do you prefer Flat Notecards (Postcards) or folded Notecards?
2. Do you prefer coloured envelopes to match with images or white (or do you not mind either way)?
3. Do you prefer cards & gift tags with a texture or smooth?

Thanks ever so much, Catherine x

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I was commissioned to make this special wispy white Bear by a lovely lady in America.  Very sadly she lost her older brother and this Bear is to be a comforting memory of him, I must say I felt very touched to be asked to create a Bear to mean so much to someone. She named him Whisper.  After all this is just what Bears are good at, hugs, unconditional love and a listening ear.  He was a real challenge to make with this long faux fur!

Next I plan to create a Bear that will be available on my website. I am also working on a range of new illustrations, so lots to share coming up. Thanks for popping by, Catherine x