Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Droplets of sun

We are having lovely sunny Spring days and our daffodils are glowing beautifully! I took some shots after a rain shower, I just love the way the raindrops glisten like little drops of silver. I can hear little lambs in the barn behind our garden, so Spring really has arrived at long last! I must create a new Spring Banner here, another item for my To Do List!

I've got so much going on behind the scenes here I can't wait to show you everything. I'm working hard on new product photographs to update everything and have so many new delights to share including lots of new party items. But first I have custom Bears to finish and new embroidery patterns to start. On the 31st March I'll have a feature of my embroidery patterns in the gorgeousBustle & Sew online Magazine, you can subscribe to it for only $2.50 a month and there are a beautiful variety of patterns from other people included, just such fun. Right, back to work for me, thanks so much for visiting, Hugs, Catherine x


  1. Happy Spring to you too Catherine - doesn't it feel great after so much grey.

    Nina x

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the magazine...I'll go check it out because your designs are the best!

  3. You captured these lovely daffodils perfectly pretty!

    Have a sunny day xxxx

  4. Sounds like it's all go Catherine :)

    We are thinking of doing an Easter Egg hunt... I will have a think and may order some invites :) I think the event would be hosted by Humphrey.

    Love Charlotte

  5. HAPPY SPRING, Catherine! Lovely blooms. No blooms here yet, but at least the snow is melting. ;o) Congrats on the mag feature--very exciting! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  6. Hi sweet Catherine-
    Love the photos of the beautiful daffodils. Spring is so lovely - and we have all waited so long for it to get here -

    How wonderful to have your patterns featured in the on line magazine - kudos to you my friend. I am so very happy for your success!


  7. I needed to see your beautiful daffodils Catherine. It is snowing here today and it will be a long time before I see any of my own here. I went back to read the posts I have missed here, and wanted to tell you how sweet your Sweet Dreams embroidery is! I love it! Also your darling Easter post and the artwork. I love everything you do!
    sending hugs...

  8. Oh, those custom bears you lovingly work on . . . well, I love thinking about that!

  9. Beautiful photographs Catherine as always and congratulations on the magazine article you certainly deserve it...I am so happy for you!
    Susan x

  10. Love daffs so much they really are the most bright jolly flower. All your Easter things look gorgeous too!

    Sarah x

  11. Beautiful flowers! Glad that spring has arrived after a long winter. It was in the 90's for us last week.
    How amazing you are with all of your projects! You constantly amaze me.
    (I was confused about the embroidery patterns. Four of the photos are the same but the side bar says there are six? seven? just forgot ... rats!!! lol! six or seven patterns. I thought you might want to check that out. But the patterns are adorable. Love the stacked tea cups and the quilt and their cute bunny heads.)

  12. Amazing shot! It does capture the scent of Spring rain, I love the drama. Have fun doing your projects and a spring hugs for you.