Wednesday, February 24, 2010


After all the snowy scenes I've been sharing I think we are all in need of some flowers and Spring colour! I noticed this morning that the first little buds of my crocuses in the garden are daring to appear! Oh Sweet Spring Time I never thought you would appear! I've started a new panda bear, so better carry on. To keep you going I'm sharing these photos I took of a beautiful bouquet my fiance gave me for Valentine's, I just LOVE ranunculus (except for spelling it!), they are precious how all their petals nestle together. The scent from the cream fuchsias was breath taking.

See you back here soon. Hugs, Catherine x

Friday, February 19, 2010


Last Valentine's weekend we escaped to another world in the grounds of this astounding castle here in Belgium. The beautiful garden was all edged with snow. Escape with me for a while to another time.

It looks like after a very tragic train accident here in Belgium that my train to the UK will be cancelled as the track is not yet ready. So looking for alternatives to get there, just a little later than expected. So as I probably have some unexpected time I may well be able to start on a new Bear. Anyway, have a great weekend everyone and I'll be back soon, Hugs, Catherine x

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There is a little Bear wanting to say hello! Benji is a quiet little chap with the biggest of hearts. He loves peaceful days, walking across the meadows paw in hand and coming back to the warmth of a cosy fire. A glass of milk, a honey biscuit (or two!) and a loving cuddle makes Benji a very contented little Bear. He is available for adoption from my website. where you can see lots more photos and all his info.
****UPDATE 16th Feb, Benji has now been lovingly ADOPTED***

There are still 4 days left for my very Special offer (Buy 1 Print, Get 1 Free) in my Etsy store (click here). I've had a wonderful response to it and it's been nice to be able to treat you all.

I'm getting ready for a trip to the UK next week for family birthdays and am also hoping to visit the Hugglets Teddy Show in London which will be very exciting! Fingers crossed this snow does not cause any hiccups for my journey like it did last February!
I'll be back soon to share some castle photos from a visit at the weekend! Hugs, Catherine & Benji xx

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Thank you Offer!

Hi everyone,
As a way of saying a big Valentine's Thank You to all you lovely folks for your support and encouragement I have a very special offer running in my Etsy store (click here) from Today until Friday 19th Feb. Go along to see the Bumpkin Bears & Friends and if you Buy 1 Print, you can choose 1 Free Print as a Gift from me to you! This means, Buy 2, Get 2 Free, Buy 10, Get 10 Free...! So pop along and I hope you have fun being spoilt, the Bears agree that you all deserve it. So Happy Valentine's!

Also just listed some cute new Cameo Gift Tags of my Sweet Dreams Mouse.

I'l be back soon to show you my latest Bear, he can see, smell and hear, some more sewing and filling and he'll be ready to meet you early next week. Have a lovely weekend, Hugs, Catherine x

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sparkles, chills and flying fancies!

We woke up this morning to an unexpected white world again, a beautiful pure pure white glistening in the winter sun like a million delicate diamonds. Whilst all the neighbours were madly shoveling it all away, moaning that it is snowing again, I wrapped up warm and sat out on my garden bench to savour this beauty Yes they probably would think I was mad, but I reckon I know who the mad ones are! All the seedheads that I left on my plants were adorned with little white bobble hats! The birds were grateful for the food I give them, they especially love my recycled Christmas Tree! We bought one with roots and instead of just throwing it away after Christmas I put it out on my patio and decorated with seed balls, they think it's great! It looks especially lovely today all edged with white. I sat so quietly that eventually my deer Robin came right up close so I got some wonderful photos, even this one with him just flying off! I get so excited when I capture just the right moment.

Now all back in the warmth, I feel energised from the fresh air and appreciating these little things that I'm ready to carry on with my new Bear. His pattern pieces are sewn up, he can see and today he will get a new nose and ears! So he'll be ready to say hello very soon. Wishing you all fun days whatever the weather! Hugs, Catherine x

Friday, February 5, 2010

New look, new treasury

Well I finally got round to creating a new template for my Blog giving me more space to share delights. I still need to create a new banner and fine tune, it's been fun :) I just heard that my Story for Two-o-o Print has been featured by the lovely Cyn in a gorgeous treasury on Etsy. Also available as a Bookmark.

I am also busy starting a new Artist Bear, if you love chocolates and cream you will love the swirled batik style mohair I'm using! Also working on adding and choosing colours for some new illustrations, many choices to make! Wishing you all a great weekend, Hugs, Catherine x

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Busy days here, with steam coming out of my ears as I try to design and make decisions about my new website design for my Bumpkin Bears & Friends. I am creating a site to integrate my illustrations better with my Artist Bears. Oh what Parties they will have all together! But before we can have any parties I need to make decisions on colours, fonts, layout, style.... and I have so many ideas I keep flitting from one thought to another like a butterfly. I need to just settle on one flower :) Still, we are getting there. I was going through my photos and I think I forgot to introduce you to a special friend that I created for a girl's Christmas. I'm happy to say he his well loved and will have wonderful tea parties with his friends! Don't you love his smiley face and flower buttons, just what we need on these long winter days! I am also busy working on a new series of illustrations which I can't wait to share in a little while. Do pop back soon, Hugs, Catherine x