Monday, June 28, 2010

Raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens...

these are a few of my favourite things...! It's been a while since posting, my little kitty, Ollie, has not been very well so after a vet visit I've been playing nursemaid. I'm so relieved to say he seems to be starting to get better, and is being a very good boy taking his anti-biotic pills, always fun! His wee nose has got pinker again (it had gone so pale) and he's clearly feeling much more comfortable.

The Summer has arrived in full blast here, which always makes me think of Picnics, so a great time to be creating these Teddy Bear Picnic invitations. These are a custom set but I am enjoying it so much I may well make a range for my Etsy store. Here's a little sneak preview of part of it.

Last week we had a a rain burst and then sunshine which made my rambling rose look so pretty I had to take some photos, so I thought you would enjoy sharing in them with me, if only you could smell them too.

My garden is starting to come to life, with bees and butterflies flitting around and my sweet peas rambling their way through plants, more photos to come very soon. Catherine xx


  1. your roses are so pretty! and so happy to hear your kitty is getting better!

  2. Sweet Catherine-
    I am so glad your beautiful kitty is better. When one of our kitty babies is sick - it just makes us crazy sad! She is such a pretty kitty!

    Your invitations are adorable - you know I love your designs! Makes me want to have another party- actually I hope to maybe this fall! I will let you know!

    How I envy your roses - I just cannot mke them stay beautiful - no rose green thumb for me. Yours are magnificent - such beauty! I am sure that even these beautiful pictures do not do them justice!


  3. I am so happy with the invitations :D

    Glad kitty is ok! And your roses are stunning


  4. Raindrops on roses..isn't that a line from a song? Yours are absolutely beautiful! I can almost smell them.

  5. These are some beauties, Catherine! Do hope sweet Ollie will be feeling better and better. LOVE your roses... and the new invitation designs are wonderfully fun--great work! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  6. So glad Ollie is feeling better Catherine! Love the roses and your invitation designs are great...

  7. It's always fun to take a peek into your world. Wish I lived near you! So glad your kitty is feeling better. And I love the new illustration.

  8. Kitty is precious and so very glad he is feeling better, we have one on anti biotics right now also. The invites are great, love that bear on the mushroom. I love your rambling roses, oh with dew drops who could resist. Sandi

  9. Oh stop it will you! Stop creating these gorgeous illustrations that tempt me so! I love every single one you design. Glad Ollie is on the road to recovery, the nose is a giveaway that all is not well isn't it? Stunning roses, I bet they smell every bit as divine as they look!

  10. oh poor kitty, glad he is feeling better. that rose is just gorgeous x

  11. Thank goodness he is better, Catherine – I know how precious he is.

    What a perfect title for this post – your rose photos are a delight! and I'm glad to see that summer has definitely arrived for you!! And that teddy bear on the toadstool is an instant favorite for me! xo – g

  12. Ollie is a beauty! Soooooo glad he is on the road to recovery.

    Furry hugs, Sarah x

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