Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Join me for Tea?

Doing the photo shoot for my new range of Friends for Tea Greetings Cards felt like the days when I would have afternoon tea at my Granny's.

Every afternoon we would have biscuits, cake, and a cup of tea in the prettiest china, mine was always filled to the brim with milk instead! I now cherish the memories and they are brought back everytime I look at Gran's beautiful china sets. I just know that she would be so proud of me as she looks down and sees my own cards inspired by these days. Granny and my Mum were always the biggest of supporters of my hand made cards and crafts that I made since I was tiny, I was always creating something for the ones I loved. Now I get to share all my creations with all of you special folk that are kind enough to visit me here and give me the kindest words of encouragement and support, for this I am truly grateful.

So I'd love to share this new set of 3 Greetings Cards available in my Etsy store. These Friends for Tea make a lovely series now, with Prints, Party Invitations, Gift Tags, Magnets & Buttons, these Bunnies are hopping around with excitement to meet their new families!

Bunny Hugs, Catherine x


  1. So much loved this tea time with you & your Bumpkin friends, Catherine! The greetings are wonderful--what a great idea. :o) Thank you for the quilt love... I can't wait to start another. But may need to wait as we're traveling soon, and generally too many irons in the fires, so to speak... LOL! Happy Day, my friend ((BIG HUGS))

  2. Your greetings cards are really pretty and it is so nice that you can be inspired by tea time memories with your granny.

  3. Dear Catherine,

    The set is great - they work so well as a threesome.

    And I loved the post about memories, and about your granny being proud of you. It's such a lovely thought and I know she would indeed be proud of you - the things you create are just wonderful and the way you bring them to life on your website, etsy, through Twitter and so on - I know it's something we both work hard at and you are such a success at it Catherine.

    Hope my Paypal payment came through ok yesterday? I just did it quickly so sorry no notes etc...

    I have been watermarking my photos with photoshop just as you suggested!! Thanks so much :-)

    Love C

  4. so pretty catherine! love the stacked tea cups!

  5. what lovely cards and what lovely china too! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Catherine, I love your illustrations, and because I love tea and teatime, these are right up my alley. I especially like the tower of teacups. Thank you for sharing your inspiration: your grandma and her teatimes with you. Those are precious memories.

  7. that is a lovely story - with some wonderful memories for you! The cards are adorable. You are a wonderful creative artist - your things are so whimsical and lovely. They make me smile every time I see them.


  8. They are soooooo adorable....I love the balanced spotty teacups.

    Nina x

  9. Love the exquisite china you have. Very pretty. The cards are really lovely and will be kept even after the tea parties.

  10. Hi Catherine, thanks for popping in to "visit" me! Your work is so pretty. Just love the bunnies :)
    Vivienne x

  11. Oh my, these are the sweetest cards I have ever seen!!! What and adorable idea...Bunnies in teacups! I need to head back over to your blog and see where they can be purchased!

  12. Adorable! I really enjoyed reading about your tea time as a child:).



  13. What a lovely idea made even better because it was inspired by a special tea time with your grandmother....

  14. Dear Catherine, I thought I would check out this gracious lady who made my day by leaving me a comment on my blog from across the other side of the world! I was so surprised and happy and grateful! Wow, you're illustrations/cards are simply enchanting and I feel myself becoming lost in a world of cups of teas and childhood teddy bears picnics that were real and in my dreams. I will have to visit your etsy store to see more goodies. What an incredible place where you now live, being able to walk on turf loaded with so much history.Want to life swap for a while =]. I see you are a keen photographer aswell and have talents there too. Nice to meet you and hope to hear from you again.x