Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walk with me ...

Thanks for all your kind comments about Mee-Mee in my previous post, he has now found a loving home in Germany, so happy days with lots of love for his future. As promised here are the first few photos from my weekend in London, we were so lucky, in the morning the rain was going sideways, but we were cosy in the Hugglets Teddy Fair. When we came out the rain had stopped and it stayed away all day for us, whilst they had storms back home in Belgium!

Kensington Palace and Gardens was just up the road from Hugglets, it was an incredibly impressive Palace. The gates immediately looked familiar to me as I remembered seeing them with seas of flowers in front of them after the terribly sad news of Princess Diana's passing. Diana had lived here in one of the apartments since she was married. The gardens were a vast park where there was also the statue of Peter Pan which was wonderful, with all sorts of fabulous sculpted rabbits and animals around the base. I will share photos of this here soon. In the meantime take a walk with me...
(click on photo to see larger image)

Hugs, Catherine x


  1. What lovely pictures...I remember when Princess Diana came here to the states and visited Chicago...everyone was so incredibly taken aback by her beauty inside and out....When I married, I ordered a replica of her crown with the tear drop pearls in it...I still have it. I also have a set of the china with the same crown pattern on it and the white rose.....Thank you for such a beautiful post...Hugs, Jennifer

  2. Hubby and I absolutely love to walk there!
    Glad you had a pleasant day...

  3. You should have said you were in town! I'd have shown you the sights (cake factories, ice cream shops, that sort of thing).

  4. Oh, I enjoyed this walk so much, Catherine! Kensington Palace is a very special place... Diana's spirit is still very keenly felt there, I think. I was--still am--an huge Diana fan. Her passing was one of the most tragic thing--so sudden. The shock still resonates at certain places, like Kensington. Oh, but I miss London--gotta get back there! So very happy that Mee-Mee has a new home to go to--hooray! Wishing you a great weekend ahead, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

  5. What beautiful photo's... I remember that sea of flowers...I miss beautiful Princess Diana, and I remember how sad I as I watched her funeral, and her two boys walking behind her casket. So, so sad. What lovely young men they turned out to be, she'd be so proud. xoxo's Paulette

  6. Beautiful! What a wonderful time that must have been ... walking all around.