Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mee-Mee - A Beautiful Dreamer

I promise I will share my few London photos soon but there is a little Panda Bear that is wanting to meet you all first! I have just finished bringing Mee-Mee to life. He is a little dreamer, he lives in his very special world filled with blossoms and the sounds of bird song at Spring dawn. He loves to garden so would be a very happy Panda Bear with a small watering can and a packet of seads. I would just warn your other Bears to put their paws over their ears when he first sees the new little shoots starting to appear out of the soil! He does get rather excited, bless him!

You can see all his photos and adoption information on my website.
**UPDATE 10th March, Mee-Mee has now been lovingly ADOPTED**

Right, time to get back to my Easter illustrations, time is a ticking! Bear Hugs, Catherine & Mee-Mee xx


  1. Hi Catherine... Oooh! Mee~Mee is precious!!! What an adorable little guy! I posted Honeybeary and Bittybeary in their new Spring flowery garlands, they wanted to say Hi to you! xoxo Julie Marie, Honeybeary and Bittybeary

  2. Oh my, how adorable Mee-Mee is! I just want to give all your bears kisses on their little cute noses! xoxo Paulette

  3. Oh my, how adorable Mee-Mee is! I just want to give all your bears kisses on their little cute noses! xoxo Paulette

  4. Oh Catherine, what a chap!

    He is lovely. And I approve of his gardening hobby, perhaps he could teach me a thing or too?

    Regarding my tidy office - it will not last! The boxes are just IKEA - good for things like that. I usually just head straight for the children's department as I prefer that :-)

    Busy as ever but finally, finally took the plunge and handed in my notice at job 2 yesterday. It'll be a month or two before I finish but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel now. The bloody newsletter WILL get done then, if not before.

    Love Charlotte

  5. Oh, my goodness, but this little one is adorable...just adorable, Catherine...*swoon*... Happy Day to you & sweet Mee-Mee :o) ((HUGS))

  6. Oh, Catherine, he is darling! What a special chap – I can keep him supplied with bird song, if he ever needs any. You are amazingly talented! My English husband adores your bears, btw. I always show him your new ones as they are posted. Hmm, his birthday is coming up... :) xo – g

  7. he is such a lovely boy! gorgeous expression ;D

    Sarah x

  8. Hi Catherine,

    I could use a good gardener, being somewhat lazy myself :-)

    Mee-Mee is such a sweetheart; I adore his lovely face. Hopefully he will find a nice loving home, where he can dream away ...

    Hugs, Peter & the Bumpkin Bears

  9. Wow, he certainly is lovely!

    Pat xx

  10. Hi Catherine! mee mee is adorable...I love his eye's. I love ALL your bears!! hugs, Jennifer

  11. So beautiful! Love seeing all your photos tonight! ♥