Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well, two posts on one day! I am a busy bee today :) I have just put together an adorable set of Notecards showing the friendship between the Bumpkin Bears & Friends. Talking of Simple Things today (see post below), one of my favourites is writing and receiving hand written letters, so I thought these folded Cards would be a special way for you all to send your notes to those special in your life. Pop along to my Etsy store to catch up with their adventures! The Bears always love your visits. Hugs, Catherine x

Simple Things

My dear friend, Tracy, of Pink Purl told me about this wonderful Blog event called Simple Things. It is being run by the lovely Christina who will also be donating $1 for each person joining in to Doctors without Borders to help Haiti. January can often be a difficult month with grey, cold days in this part of the world and trying to know what to make of this new year, thoughts of another year passed by and where we will be heading... SO this is a wonderful opportunity to just stop. take a deep breath and think of all those simple things in life that bring that true deep pleasure to our lives.

Here is my list -

Pure, fresh air that makes you want to breathe so deeply.
The sight of the first spring bulbs venturing out of their rest.
The sound of birds singing a chorus.
Watching the birds enjoying the food I give them.
The sight of the cottontail of a wild bunny hopping away over the fields.
Seeing rolling green hills stretch out in front of me.
After dry times the scents of nature after the rain.
The sound of leaves crunching under foot in woodland walks.
Lying on my back in the garden taking photos of wispy clouds floating by.
Tip toeing following a butterfly flit from flower to flower to take a photo.
The scent of a horse when I put my arms around them for a hug.
The smell of leather transporting me to the days with my horse.
The feeling of freedom riding on a beloved horse.
The flower scent of soap.
The silver droplets of dew dressing leaves like jewelry.
Early evening sunlight glowing on plants.
The joy of writing & receiving hand written letters.
The first blossom of Spring.
Hearing my little 2 year old niece saying "I luv you Aunty Cath".
The contented purr of my cats.
Beautiful creamy yellow primroses along the banks of country lanes.
Picking blackberries in the wild.
Pulling out carrots from the ground, mmm that scent!
Drinking home made lemonade on a warm summer's day.
Running bare foot in the grass in the Summer.
Watching Spring lambs skipping about in the early evening.
The sound of a donkey eeee-oooooring.
The softness of a donkey's ears.
Trees with the sunlight streaming through their branches
Driving along country lanes where the trees arch over either side.
The clip clop of horses passing by.
The hoot of an owl at night.
The colours of threads and pencils, just like candy.
An old Teddy sat looking out of the window.
Vintage Children's Books.
The enchanting swirl of flames from an open fire.
The warmth of a loving hug.
The glow from a candle on a chilly evening.
The little Robin that is always nearby when digging in my Garden.
The petals of an old fashioned rose nestled like layers of the finest tissue paper.
Ribbons on presents.
Scent of lavender.
The heads of little snowdrops nodding in the winter.
The sound of wellington boots walking along.
Feeding a newborn lamb from a bottle.
Seeing a new character appear on a page as I draw.
The sound of a loved one on the phone.
The joy that a home made gift brings to people.
Last and most definitely not least, the gift of Friendship, thank you to you all.

I had such fun looking through all my photographs to choose just a few. I hope you too will take a moment to treasure your favourite Simple Things. I'll be launching some new sets of notecards to my Etsy store shortly, so do pop back very soon. Hugs, Catherine x

Monday, January 25, 2010

Even on the greyest of days

.. there is hope! Just this morning despite the cold I went out into my garden to clear some of the zillion fallen leaves. As I gradually cleared some of the flower beds to my delight I uncovered many little shoots of spring bulbs starting to venture out! It never fails to give me a thrill, Spring is on the way! Despite it just starting to snow a little again! Come back on Wednesday when I will be taking part in Simple Things. It is being run by the lovely Christina who will also be donating $1 for each person joining in to Doctors without Borders to help Haiti. In the meantime enjoy these little images of hope! Hugs, Catherine x

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello Beppe!

Beppe is a Bear full of Spirit and Childhood Cheer,
Perfect for the start of a brand New Year!

He loves to play dress up, being the clown with a twinkle of happiness in his eyes. He is the kindest wee bear and loves to sit cuddling after putting on a performance with the other Bears. He is made of the most fabulous curly schulte kid mohair, just a dream! He is available for adoption from my website (click here). **UPDATE 25 Jan - Beppe has now been lovingly ADOPTED**

I bought his ribbon some time back and when he came to life with his baby boy blue eyes I just knew he would love it! Behind the scenes I'm very busy working on a totally new look to my website, so excited about it, lots of work and thinking but it's starting to come together. Also sketching lots of new ideas for illustrations! So exciting times to share ahead of us. Hugs, Catherine x

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Off line for a moment

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that I am currently transferring my website to a new hosting company and having a few hic-cups, so the site is off line and I can at the moment not receive any emails, so sorry if you are trying to contact me. You can always leave a message here and I'll get in touch. Today I have been sewing a new Bear in a lovely wavy Schulte mohair, with Phoebe all curled up on this rainy winter day. Catherine x
Tuesday 19th-Update - finally my website and email is back again. I have not been able to receive any emails over the last few days so please do re-send any. x New Bear can see, smell and now just the ears to sew on! Come back soon to meet him!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hedgehog Love!

There is a little friend that has come out of hibernation especially to tell you all how much he loves you! He's rather shy as you can see by his little blushing cheeks! Welcome Hedgehog into your home and show your special ones, big and small, just how much you love them too. I have just launched a new range of this Hedgehog Love illustration, available as a Print, Notecard, Cameo Gift Tags and Bookmark! I must say that I too LOVE Hedgehog! Do pop along to my Etsy store (click here) to give him a hug, just watch out for his prickles!

Don't forget Hedgehogs Love Books too!

Next on my list is carrying on with the design of a new look website for my Bumpkin Bears & Friends and starting on a new Artist Bear. I have some fabulous wavy Schulte Mohair just begging to be used! In the meantime enjoy your visit to Hedgehog.) Hugs, Catherine xx

Monday, January 11, 2010

Popcorn & Hedgehogs!

Now that's a title you don't see everyday!! Popcorn was my latest commission Bear flying his way to Sweden for a new life!

I have been hibernating creating a new Bumpkin friend that has been asking me oh so kindly to be created! Who am I to refuse such a cute little fellow! I ADORE hedgehogs, do you? Come back very soon to make a new friend!

Friday, January 8, 2010

In my Garden..

I'm busy working on some new illustrations and keeping warm! The birds in my garden are all fluffed up with the frosty snowy weather we are having. Here are some shots I took through my kitchen window! I'll be back soon, Catherine x

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Party Time!

I'm thrilled to share with you a new range of Bumpkin Bears & Friends Party Invitations as well as the cutest Cameo Gift Tags! I was given this wonderful craft punch for Christmas, it gives the cutest scalloped edge, just love them, hope you will too. You can see them all in my Etsy store.

We've got a white wonderland here again with the snow & more expected. I've been so busy creating these new treats to share with you all along with designing new bag headers. Also busy working on a new website design, so it's all go here! I am also working on a new Blog look and want to remove the automatic music from here, but I just can't work out how to do this! Any ideas? I've looked in my layout section etc, but no luck. I hope you are all keeping well and having a good start to the New Year. Hugs. Catherine x

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hoppy New Year!!

Hi, it's Bumpkin Bunny here wishing you all a fabulous Hoppy New Year full of dances through the meadows, cuddles by the fire, adventures with friends and most of all so much happiness that you feel like you will bounce up to the top of the trees and beyond! Mum has a new Bear to share with you very soon and lots of adorabubble new treats! Cuddles, Bunny x