Friday, August 28, 2009

So many goodies!

I have so many new items to show you I am not too sure where to start! Firstly my latest bear has come to life in mohair, his name is Jaunty. Jaunty is a very dashing bear with beautiful lemony golden Mohair, this is a special colour and is the Rolls Royce of Schulte mohair! It has the most gorgeous wave to it and is heavenly to hug. Jaunty is a real character that loves to visit antique auctions. All the other bears know him in the antique world with his splendid jaunty bows! He is always on the look out for unique items to decorate his tree home with. He would love to share this passion with his new family and help to decorate your home, he would certainly bring lots of sunshine into your life. Not only would his charming smiley face brighten up your day but his lovely mix of colours will always make you smile even on the greyest of days. He is available for adoption from my website.

I have a new set of Prints and Notecards featuring Pickles the Bear which I will be gradually listing in my Etsy store over the weekend. Each one has a sweet moral typed on them, Be Good (featuring Pickles hiding the chocolate covered spoon behind his back!), Be Brave (featuring Pickles feeling a little nervous of a wee mouse!) and finally of course Be Happy (featuring Pickles dancing through the grass as we all should do), nice mottos for us to follow in our lives, whether bear or human! (click on photos for larger views)

So keep an eye out for when they are in my store, right now I need to take a break from the screen. We've had builders here banging on our roof since 7 am all day and my head is ready to explode! But I'll be back soon to list these prints and cards, hope you enjoy them. Have a lovely weekend, Hugs, Catherine x

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello My Friend

SO happy that you love Pickles, he asked me to send you all rather shy hugs! Just listed the sweet Print you can see in the previous post as a Notecard. It has vintage rosey red text saying "Hello My Friend", a nice way to brighten a friend's day. You can see this card in my Etsy store..

I have just discovered a wonderful blog having a Rooster Blog Party on Friday, I am thrilled to be part of it with this Print and Card showing Pickles with his new Rooster friend. Do Go along and join in the fun at Barb's Blog.

A new set of Pickle's Prints and cards are coming up soon too, watch this space! Hugs, Catherine and Pickles x

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Introducing your New Friend - Pickles

There is a Bear called Pickles that is so excited about finally meeting you all.

This little Bear has been circling in my imagination for a long time and it is such a delight to finally see him in print. From the moment that the sun rises Pickles pulls on his red Welly Boots and heads out across the meadows. He gets up to all sorts of adventures and is always making new friends with wildlife. My very first Print of Pickles shows him making friends with a sweet chicken all nestled in amongst the cottage garden complete with my favourite Foxgloves. (On my recent trip to Scotland the fields were all edged with these beautiful pillars of pink flowers.) This Print is available in my Etsy store..

I have also reduced all Secondary shipping costs to just 50 cents, so shopping just got more fun in my Store.
I have more Prints and Notecards to introduce over the coming days so come back soon to see what Pickles and I are getting up to! My new Mohair Bear hopes to meet you later this week too, busy busy! Bear Hugs, Catherine x

Monday, August 24, 2009

Special Homes

Whilst you are patiently waiting for New Friends to be revealed here I just had to share these adorable photos. A little family of my Bumpkin Bears have found their way to the loving home of Joni, with Halo recently joining them. She sent me these sweet photos of Halo and his new friend Mylo! Don't they just look so sweet together :) I always love to hear how my Bears are settling into their new homes and I could clearly not ask for a more special home than this with Joni's lovely dogs, what fun they must all have! I just love this photo of them together on the step!

It was a very busy weekend, still sanding and painting our windows and doors outside as well as decorating our hall too! I'm also making good progress bringing new friends to life, my new lemony yellow mohair bear is waiting for his filling and I'm nearly ready to reveal my new illustrations. Pop by again soon, Hugs, Catherine xx

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Would you like a new Friend?

I am so excited to reveal a little friend that I have had floating in my mind and sketchbooks for a long time. I couldn't wait until he is totally ready to meet you all so I thought I would share a few little sneaks out of my sketchbook! This little Bear loves his red welly boots and can't wait to share all his adventures with you. I've been behind this screen for days on end working on colours and digitally painting, time to step away from the computer I think before my eyes turn square! But do come back again soon, I have so much excitement to share. Bear Hugs from Catherine and your New Friend in waiting! x

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lemons and Teapots!

After a sunny weekend I've been encouraged to start on a new Bear using the most luxuriously gorgeous wavey soft mohair (you can tell I like it!) in a sweet lemon yellow. His pattern has just been cut out and I'm excited to bring him to life. I have also been doing lots of drawing, I have so many ideas for illustrations swimming around in my imagination I have to remind myself to focus on some rather than a bit of all of them! I'm having to politely say to my characters, one at a time please ;-) I am currently working on some new sets of Art including some inspired by the Wee Bunnies I brought to life a while back, think High Tea with the prettiest china! So lots to look forward to revealing!

In the meantime here are some more photos from my holiday in Scotland, this area was near Glen Coe, an amazing valley. Our hotel was right on a Loch side, with our room's balcony looking out over the water with beautiful sunsets. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into these happy moments.

Hugs, Catherine x

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sandy Moments

It's been a busy time in my Studio, sketching lots of new ideas for Prints & Cards and bringing to life a new bear called Sandy. **UPDATE Aug 12- Sandy has been ADOPTED**

He was first brought to life in my imagination when I was exploring the beautiful sandy beaches of Scotland. He loves going to the beach, the feeling of the soft warm sand on his paws and he just giggles with excitement when the first chilly splashes of water come in with the gentle tide. Hunting for shells is his favourite, running to show me every little one that he finds!

After a long day out at the seaside and all that fresh sea air he gets quite sleepy and loves lots of cuddles with his bedtime stories. Sandy is such a fun baby bear with a loving nature, he will bring a lifetime of childhood delights to fill your heart. He is a new 13" design, brought to life with beautiful top quality faux fur, fabulously soft and fluffy. You can see lots more photos and all his Adoption information on my Bumpkin Bears Website.** Sandy has been Adopted**

Here are some photos of one my favourite days from my trip to Scotland. After we had taken the ferry to the Isle of Skye we walked to this little secluded bay on a gorgeous sunny day with the most pristine white sands and crystal clear blue waters. What a dream it was. First thing I did was rolled up my jeans and went for a paddle of course :)

I've got so many more photos of Scotland to share so keep popping back. Beary Hugs, Catherine and Sandy x

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Big Re-Jig and Story for Two-o-o...

Lots of news to share today, firstly the Bears have decided that because they want to visit as many new places as possible, with the current economic hic-cup we are experiencing they have discounted all their Art Prints by 25% in my Etsy store. This will continue for the time being until times smooth out. All the Print prices in my Store have been reduced, including a Special Offer of 3 prints for the price of 4 in my Favourite Moments Series.

I have also been busy bringing to life this new Print called Story for Two-o-o.. "It had been a long day of adventures as Bear set sleepily off to bed being careful to keep his candle glowing. All through the woods the sound of Owl's Twit.... Two-o-o could be heard. Bear couldn't sleep without his bedtime story from Owl".

This precious print is available in my Etsy Store or directly from me, just send me an email.

Have fun exploring the world of Bumpkin Bears and finding some Bargains. Still busy creating my next Artist Bear, so back to work! Hugs, Catherine x