Friday, June 19, 2009

Grandmother always said....

make sure you wash behind your ears! This wee baby bunny certainly remembers to do this! This sweet little bun was having a good old clean and tickle in my garden, I can see them from the kitchen which makes washing up far more interesting!! Do click on these photos for a much better view of his cute face, you can see all his little baby hairs in these photos.

First the Toes!

Then to the left...

Then to the right...

All Clean!

I have also just finished a tiny black bunny, she'll show her face here very soon, once she gets over being shy!! Hugs, Catherine x


  1. Oh, soooo sweet! I love adore rabbits. This little on is precious. Such fun you were able to capture him/her in clean up action like this...aaawww... Happy weekend to you & all your creatures there, Catherine! :o) ((HUGS))

  2. How cute! My hubby had to come in here and see this sweet bun bun! Have fun!

  3. Those bunny pics are darling! I thoroughly enjoyed each one.

  4. oh, it makes you just want to pick him up and snuggle. Adorable pictures...Have a nice fathers day weekend!! hugs, Jennifer

  5. Oh, just toooo cute! I bet he/she has the silkiest of fur. It would drive me crazy wanting to give the little darling a cuddle!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  6. Hello Catherine; Awwwww what a sweet and adorable photos, I love bunnies, not in my garden, but I love to see them just hopping around. I have a few baby ones that come around, and then the mommy, I should try and get some photos of them..... thanks for sharing.


  7. Wow! You really CAN see every single hair on this hare.


  8. Oh look, so sweet! Has it been feasting on your plants? x