Friday, September 12, 2008

Hot off the press!

I'm excited to say that one of my bears, Dylan, has been featured in the current issue of Teddy Bear Club International magazine. It is always thrilling to see one of my bears that I've brought to life in print :) The magazine has just come out and Dylan is over the moon to tell you all that he has found his new mummy that saw him smiling out of the pages. As he really loves going to the beach and making sand castles she has even promised to buy him his own bucket and spade - what more could a bear ask for (so thank you Eliza)! He'll be heading to beautiful Sweden to start the next chapter in his life. (click on the photo for the full view and to see the kind words of Kirste, the editor).

Have a great weekend everyone, Hugs, Catherine x


  1. I got my copy today and was thrilled to see Dylan smiling at me from the pages. I knew he would be adopted immediately! I was SO tempted myself, but i'm trying to control my bear habit before the bears take over completely.
    I'm sure his new mummy will be thrilled with him.
    Congratulations! :o)

  2. Hi, Catherine! That is such exciting news...well done! Dylan is such a sweetheart! We're just back from our holiday...and just trying to get over the jet lag too--LOL! Great to catch up with you a bit here. I'll talk to you soon ((HUGS))

  3. Hello there! Eliza here; I am sorry to say, I can NOT control myself when it comes to Teddybears! Especially not Dylan (son of the sea) We have a similar background; I myself spend many happy summerdays with my Aunt at the seaside in Sweden. You woke up in the morning and you are not far from the sea, to take a swim; Wonderful! I also Love the seaside in England; Isle of Wight for example also the countryside in England, Loughton and Epping Forest. But never ever been to Cornwall! So I have promised Catherine to take Dylan there!for me;to take a swim, Dylan I think will be happy on the beach with his bucket and spade to build a sandcastle. I can not wait until that day! So THANKYOU Catherine that you made Dylan SO SPECIAL! And that I found him so quickly! I even talked to Kirste on phone about him; and she said:" I hope you get him," and I did! So-Happy-that I am so soft for Teddybears.I also have made my own special Teddybear, Howie that always follows me everywhere, Dylan will be like a Big Brother for Howie.So once again; A Warm Thankyou and a Great Big Bearhug to you Catherine and for all your wonderful, special created Teddybears. Keep up the good work to do Teddybears for us to adopt and help us to always have a smile on our faces. :) Lots of Love to you from Eliza; Give my Regards to Dylan too. xxx xxx

  4. Dear Eliza, I must say that your kind words about Dylan have brought a little happy tear to my eye, really . You are the sweetest and how nice that you even spoke to the magazine editor Kirste about Dylan. I really believe that each bear is destined for their right family and he is clearly meant to be with you and your bear Howie. It genuinely means the world to me when I hear how happy my bears make others, it really makes all my efforts worthwhile. BIG hugs to you all your kind comments. Catherine xx

  5. oh dear, thanks for your visit and the flowers you left ;-) i love your bears, they are remembering me to my lovely fairytale childhood...ooooooh thanks, love from germany Silke