Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bunnies and butterflies!

well the rain has stopped for now although it is very grey so I thought I'd brighten the weather at least on my blog with some photos I took of my garden a few weeks back. The cute family of bunnies were in the field behind our garden and this was the first butterfly I saw this year. We are off to England for the weekend to visit some gardens in Kent, the garden of England so I'll have lots of photos to share next week. I have also finished my golden bear, but I will not be announcing him on my website until after the weekend so he's sitting here next to me keeping very quiet!! I promise I'll show you next week :) Hugs, Catherine xx


  1. These photos are just soooo delightful, Catherine! Wishing you safe and very happy travels in England! Can't wait to hear all news...((BIG HUGS))

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Your garden pics are so cute - I love bunnies and wish I had at least two for pets. Hope you're weekend goes well.

  3. Oh, look at those bunnies. They are so cute. Not what the farmer would say though. x

  4. Those bunnies are DIVINE!!! Oh how I want my very own rabbit ;-)

  5. Wow! Your macro lens works GREAT. Such a clear picture of the flowers and butterfly. And so ready with your camera that you got a photo of the very first butterfly in your yard. You are ON IT, girl!

    How fun to see bunnies over your fence. (Sigh of longing)